Getting an ASN and an IPv6 PI address block

Part of my job as Associate Professor at the Open University of Catalunya (UOC) and as Affiliate Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) is to teach undergraduate and graduate students how telecommunication and computer networks are designed, built and operated to provide service to users and customers. From the telecommunication networks perspective the focus is on physical and data-link layer aspects, and includes technologies for local area networks (i.e., Ethernet and Wi-Fi), access networks (i.e., GPON and WiMAX) and transport/core networks (i.e., DWDM and MPLS). From the computer networks perspective, the focus is on the all the protocols related to the Internet (i.e.,

In recent years, all my courses related to telecommunication and computer networks have become Internet centric, as I believe that the Internet (i.e., the ability to communicate any type of data world-wide) is the driving force of such networks.

However, even for people with a deep understanding of the subject, it is not always clear how the Internet really works, as there are many pieces that play a small role in its operation and most of them are not accessible.

This is even more true when dealing with applied knowledge, that is, how things

One of the topics that falls within this category

Recently I've become interested in understanding

Big thanks Jorge, from TICAE Telecom, for sponsoring the ASN and the IPv6 PI address block.

ASN (AS212900) (2001:67c:abc::/48)

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